Posted by: mparlee37279 | May 20, 2009

New Exerpt from Tanya

Spending the evenings alone with Tanya gave Betty the
opportunity to sort through her thoughts. After hearing Jed’s
story, she was glad that they were separated for the nights.
The recounting of the death of his wife and infant daughter
moved her so deeply, she no longer trusted herself around
him. Now she understood why he suffered so much anguish
when Tanya was born.

On the completion of seeding, Jed, Betty and Tanya headed
back to Red Deer. Betty packed a big lunch and at noon, they
pulled off the road for a bite to eat.

Betty’s mind was in a whirl. She dreaded the thought of
spending the summer back in the city and being separated
from Jed for another three months.

“Since you told me about the horrible loss of your wife and
daughter, I can’t stop thinking of how much pain you’ve suffered,”
she began. “All those lonely nights. All your anger and hurt.”

Suddenly she reached down, took Jed’s hand and placed
it palm down on her upper thigh, leaving her hand on top
of his. Through her light dress, Betty felt the warmth of his
touch spreading over her body. Her leg was on fire. Her heart
raced wildly with the realization of how daring she was. All
she could think of was how much she wanted and needed
him physically.

“Damn it! What are you trying to do, girl?” Jed exclaimed.
“You know you’re playing with fire.”

“I care for you so much,” Betty pleaded.

“I haven’t touched a woman since Tanya died. God only
knows how I want you now.”

Jed knew he would lose his resolve if he made eye contact
with her. Fighting to maintain control, he looked down at
their hands.

“Look at our hands and tell me what you see.”

Betty glanced down. “I just see our hands.”

“And what’s different about them?”

“Well, mine is small and yours is big.”

“Yes, and mine is old and yours is young, mine is black
and yours is white,” Jed added.

“Well, so what?” Betty said, after a few moments

“So, my dear girl, I think we need to use our heads a bit, I
now have the same feeling for you that I felt for my first wife.
Still, you’re not even divorced yet and your little girl is only
four and a half a months old.”

Betty slowly lifted her hand off Jed’s. As Jed removed his
hand from her leg, he put a bit of pressure on his fingertips
as he trailed them across her thigh.

“God only knows how I long to make love to you,” Jed
whispered, “so please Betty, don’t do that again.”

“Thanks for being so strong,” Betty whispered back, after
a short pause. “I guess we’ve got to think things through
carefully. It’s just that I need you so much.”

Jed reached over, cupped Betty’s face in his hands and
kissed her on the lips. They drove the rest of the way to the
city in silence.
Page 42-45, Tanya, by Michael Parlee


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