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Tanya’s Childhood

Although Tanya and the twins loved to have Mom read
them bedtime stories, Tanya much preferred her dad’s ad-lib
tales of his early years. Like all kids, she had her favorites
that she wanted told over and over.

“Tell me the King story,” she’d command, as she bounced on
her dad’s knee in anticipation, “when there was deep, deep snow.”

“Back before you were born,” Jed would begin, “back when
King was still a very young horse, there was a bad snow
storm. The snow was very, very deep.”

At this stage of the story Tanya would invariably hop off
her dad’s knee and with eyes full of wonderment ask, “How
deep was the snow, Daddy?”

Jed would put his hand on top of her head and whisper,
“This deep, Tanya, as deep as you are tall.”

Tanya would climb back on her dad’s knee, and the story
would continue.

“Late in the fall a bunch of hunters got caught in a snow
storm, way back in the foothills. Three of them made a shelter
and spent the night there, but the fourth hunter decided to try
to walk through the bush to the main road and got lost. Late
the next morning, my old friend, Joe Manyfingers, stopped
by and asked me if I could help him look for the hunter. We
started out after dinner. Joe was on snowshoes, I was riding
King. The snow was so deep King would have to stop quite
often and puff. Finally late in the afternoon we found the
hunter, just about frozen.”

“Was he glad to see you?” Tanya would interject.

“Yes, he was so glad that he started to cry. He said we
saved his life. I put the half-frozen hunter up on King with
me and we finally got to a farmer’s place just as it was getting
dark. While Joe and the farmer took the hunter into the house
to thaw him out, I put King in the barn. I rubbed him down
and gave him some hay. Do you remember what kind of a
treat I gave him then, Tanya?”

“Yes, a snuff treat,” Tanya would chirp enthusiastically.

“You’re right. And do you remember if King was tired?”

“Yes he was,” Tanya would cry out. “He was so tired he
went to sleep standing up.”

“That’s right, so you better go to bed and sleep just like
King did.” Jed would conclude. Dad would hug his little girl
good night and Mom would tuck her into bed.

page 63-65 (Excerpt from Tanya by Michael Parlee


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