Posted by: mparlee37279 | September 15, 2011

New Book- Son of Sister Maria

Son of Sister Maria begins in a small coal mining town in
southwest Alberta. With a chronically depressed, bedridden
mother and an alcoholic father there is no question that
sixteen year old Maria has a most dysfunctional home life.
Maria’s life changes for the better when she meets Andrew,
a twenty-two year old service man. For the first time in her
life she feels true love and support. Ominous clouds soon
begin gathering though. It’s in the midst of World War II.
Andrew is posted overseas and isn’t expecting a leave for
eight months. Shortly after he leaves, Maria finds out she is
pregnant. When she breaks the news to her folks, her mom
attempts suicide and has to be permanently institutionalized.
There is no support from her father as alcohol rules his life. In
desperation, Maria phones her boyfriend’s folks for support.
Her world further shatters when she learns to her horror that
Andrew’s folks have just received word that Andrew has
been killed in action. Throughout her pregnancy, events force
Maria to make the painful decision that she must give her
baby up for adoption.

Baby Andrew is adopted by a young couple who soon
divorce. In the divorce the adoptive mother is awarded sole
custody of wee Andrew. Unbeknownst to the adoption agency,
Andrew’s adoptive mother has as an addictive personality.
She becomes addicted to heroin and baby Andrew is again
made a ward of the government. We follow Andrew as he goes
from foster home to foster home. Some of the homes are good
and some horrible. Throughout his troubled life, Andrew
longs to find his biological parents. Will he ever find them?

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