Posted by: mparlee37279 | April 18, 2012

New Exerpt from “Tanya”

Tanya’s heart was racing wildly. She desperately wanted Tom to win!

With a grin on his face, Tom threw a five-dollar bill on the table.

“Hot damn!” Lars blurted out and threw his own five dollars on Tom’s.

Had Lars known of Tom’s phenomenal strength, he could have saved himself five dollars. Tom weight lifted since he was ten and had been training hard, pushing iron at the mill for the last eight months. At two hundred ten pounds, he could dead lift an incredible six hundred and ten pounds and bench press three hundred and fifty.

They locked their hands. Jed called out, “Go!” as he took his hands away. Lars was used to a quick flip and bore down with all his might, his ruddy face contorted in effort.

Very slowly, Tom spoke. “Anytime you’re ready, I am.”

There was a loud “rap” as Lars’ knucles hit the table.

Lars, for all his bravado and BS, was a good sport. “You took me fair and square,” he called out. “What the hell have you got in those bloody arms of yours? Take off your shirt, Tom. I’ve got to see those arms.”

Tom was reticent, but Jed interjected, “Go ahead Tom, take off your shirt.”

Tom pulled his shirt off and flexed his arms a little. The muscles in his chest and arms were huge, and stood out like thick ropes.

You’re built like a damn gorilla! Lars cried out.

Tanya drank in Tom’s massive chest and bulging arms. She was so happy and relieved he won that she wanted to go over and hug him! For all intents and purposes, Tanya was completely under Tom’s spell.
Page 105

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